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What is white graphene?

  • White Graphene is an advanced nanoscale 2D material possessing unique properties that are complementary to carbon or black graphene
  • It is a 2D material consisting of hexagonal arrays of boron and nitrogen atoms that can be an incredibly strong tensile reinforcement in other materials
  • White Graphene is also non-toxic to the human body and transparent in low concentrations
  • Can form an impermeable barrier to moisture and hydrogen atoms

Atomic structure of BNNS

White Graphen in solution

White Graphene in solution


White graphene’s unique properties


White graphene production is scaling

  • White Graphene is a Boron-based nanomaterial, unlike traditional Graphene which is Carbon-based.
  • The method of manufacture is the result of a decade of research and development at Deakin University in Geelong and is supported by five patents and provisional patents.
  • Over two years, WGL has been able to scale production from grams a day to around 5 kilogram's per week in its Geelong facility and has plans to scale by a further order of magnitude in the coming months
  • We believe that WGL is following the success of its sister company, BNNT Technology Ltd to become the world’s leading and lowest cost producer of White Graphene

White Graphene Dry Powder


Outstanding results for coatings

  • Standardised testing demonstrated significant improvement across a wide range of coating and properties
  • Actively working to commercialise with leading coatings companies
  • 37 billion litres of paints and coatings were produced globally in 20191

For more information see full PPK Group announcement at https://www.ppkgroup.com.au/site/investor-center/ASX-Announcements
1 https://www.statista.com/statistics/1042799/paints-and-coatings-market-volume-worldwide/


Gelcoat improvements for maritime

  • Gelcoat is the outer aesthetic and corrosion-resistant surface of a laminate, commonly used to protect boat hulls, reducing the need for toxic antifouling paint
  • Also used to protect wind turbine blades and any fibreglass structures
  • Standardised testing was undertaken on two commercially available gelcoats with WG concentrations of less that 1% by weight
  • Improved properties for a premium marine gelcoat include:


Transforming hydrogen storage

  • Hydrogen leakage can damage the steel of pipes and storage vessels through hydrogen embrittlement
  • Researchers have suggested this can lead to up to a 68% increase in the cost of pipes to carry hydrogen over natural gas1
  • Unlike Black Graphene, White Graphene is impermeable to hydrogen so can protect valuable energy infrastructure2
  • WGL is developing new innovative coatings for pipes and storage vessels carrying hydrogen

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