The White Graphene Revolution

White Graphene is an advanced nanoscale 2D material possessing unique properties that are complementary to carbon or black graphene

It is a 2D material consisting of hexagonal arrays of boron and nitrogen atoms that can be an incredibly strong tensile reinforcement in other materials.

White Graphene is also non-toxic to the human body and transparent in low concentrations.

Can form an impermeable barrier to moisture and hydrogen atoms.

White Graphene Properties
White Graphene presents several additional and superior properties to graphene (carbon) while matching its strength and functionality in material composites.

About Us
White Graphene Limited is an Australian technology venture company developing and manufacturing White Graphene which is a nanomaterial with significant commercial potential in multiple product applications.
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PPK Group (ASX:PPK) continues to grow and invest the organisation with innovative technology. Our businesses showcase the scope and capability of our future driven focus. By investing in Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNT), Commercialisation of High Performance Batteries, Ballistic Armour for Commercial and Military use & World Class Advanced Analytics.

White Graphene Limited has moved to full scale production of white graphene at its facility in Victoria, Australia. White Graphene is a nanomaterial that parallels the characteristics of graphene but has superior properties while matching graphene's strength and functionality.

A joint venture company between PPK Group and Deakin University, White Graphene Limited was formed to commercialise Deakin University's patented technology. It has a research and development agreement with Deakin with funding managed by PPK Group.